We are using the textbook: Business Law Today, The Essentials: Text and Summari
We are using the textbook: Business Law Today, The Essentials: Text and Summarized Cases by Roger LeRoy Miller I do not have a specific topic - I will leave it up to you. Choose a current topic in line with the various topics we have or are exploring on which you will prepare your final paper. The topic for your final must be accompanied by an outline for approval. The paper should be a word document with a minimum of 7 pages, excluding the cover sheet, abstract, and references. The content should be double-spaced in 12-point font and you must utilize at least four scholarly references. Papers must be formatted according to APA standards. Written work will also be evaluated for composition and grammar. Points will be deducted for incomplete sentences, poor grammar, misspelled words and failing to document sources. All in all, your paper will be graded using the following rubric: A Well stated thesis/topic – understandable? What is the author (the student) trying to do? 5 pts. Analysis of Topic - 40 pts. Clarity of Paper - 10 pts. Strong Conclusion? (Has the author attempted to prove anything? If so, given the brevity of the paper, has he/she been successful) - 10 pts. Writing, Spelling, Punctuation - 20 pts. Sources – Quality and Number (the author should cite at least four different sources, unless there is an understandable reason – the sources should be of different types, and must be recent in origin whenever practical and appropriate for the paper) - 15 pts. Finally, it is expected that the paper submitted is the student’s original work. The TurnItIn Plagiarism Checker will also be used to check for the originality of the paper. The match for any work submitted for this class should not exceed 25%. Any paper submitted that exceeds this threshold will not be accepted or graded.

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