Watch these two films: Sunset Boulevard- Sunset Boulevard (1950) : Free Downloa
Watch these two films: Sunset Boulevard- Sunset Boulevard (1950) : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive Sembene- La noire de.../Black Girl - ENGLISH SUBS (1966) - YouTube What could these two films teach someone about storytelling? What can you write about? The choice is yours, really, but here are some helpful options if you get stuck. 1) Think about how these films revealed character, plot, and information revealed or constructed visually by way of mise-en-scene, editing or cinematography. 2) How were characters and plot constructed within the dialog and how did that dialog assist in telling the story? 3) Did either of the films teach you something that does not aid storytelling? 4) How did the films use editing to assist in telling their stories? 5) Did the films teach you about when and where a story should begin or end? 6) Were any literary or theater devices particularly effective? Write 2-3 paragraphs explaining your answer. I'm not looking for all of the questions above to be answered. In fact, answering one question thoroughly will serve you just fine. Write for depth rather than breadth.

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