Watch the entire video below, then pick two songs/dances of your choice to analy
Watch the entire video below, then pick two songs/dances of your choice to analyze. Then fill in the form below. 1. Specify the type of choreography as the entire production. (Not each dance segment) 2. Identify the elements of dance. (Pick two Time elements, two Space elements, and one energy element to specify each piece.) 3. Write a reflection paragraph(minimum of 150 words required. The reflection should be your reflection on the entire production. Not on each individual piece.) ------------------- 1) Double-spaced required for the entire document. 2) No "whole dance" or "Entire piece" is accepted as a time code. The time code must be less than 10 seconds. (There is no specified time range for your time code.) 3) Do not list the same sub-categories multiple times. (Do not list the same sub-category in both pieces!) 5) Do not include any researched materials, quotes, or articles regarding this dance piece. (Point deduction) 6) Do not repeat the statements on elements or choreographic types in your reflection. 7) If you don't use the specified submission form below, your maximum points will be 5 points. 8) List of Music I Been 'Buked Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel Fix Me, Jesus Processional/Honor, Honor Wade in the Water I Wanna Be Ready Sinner Man The Day is Past and Gone You May Run On Rocka My Soul in the Bosom of Abraham ------------------ Submission form Type of choreography as a whole production: (Storyline, Theme or Abstract - Pick only one) Choreographic type: _________________________________________ Dance piece 1 (Specified the name of the song)____________________ Elements analysis ex. Stillness 0'34" - 0'42" Dancer stop suddenly on the center stage and hold the position Make sure to list the sub-category name, time code in movements range, and short movement description! Time 1. 2. Space 1. 2. Energy 1. Dance piece 2 (Specified the name of the song )_______________________________________ Elements analysis Time 1. 2. Space 1. 2. Energy 1. Reflection (150 words minimum) DO NOT describe the storyline or ballet company background information. I want to hear what you felt and see through this production. Also, DO NOT repeat the elements analysis or things you already discussed.

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