Visual Information Processing
For this WTL, begin by reading the following blog post by some dude named Will who works for Piktochart (a company that sells software to assist in making visual communications): I will admit, the source is dubious – but the summary of studies from the psychological literature on visual information processing is great! I also provide the primary sources for each of the studies discussed in this blog below. You don’t need to read them unless you want to! For this WTL, read the blog. Then, open the infographic Applying Color Psychology to Marketing. Answer the questions below. Based on what you learned about visual information processing in this blog: Identify TWO specific problems with the design of this infographic (please ignore the factual content and focus on the visual components). For each problem, indicate which aspects of visual information processing they violate (i.e., what in the blog post explains why this is bad?). For each problem, describe how the authors might improve the design of their infographic. What did you learn from this exercise that you might be able to apply to your own Infographic for Research Project #1? You can either read the blogpost online at

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