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Video Link: (Links to an external site.) This multi-platform documentary shows how gentrification is deeply rooted in a history of discriminatory laws and practices in the United States. City Rising follows the journey of California communities that are fighting gentrification and features a growing movement of advocates seeking responsible development across the state. People of color who cherish their neighborhood's culture and sense of community are mobilizing against unsustainable rents and other forces that they see are pushing neighbors into homelessness. (KCET 2017) In 1100-1200 words, discuss the following: Discuss the historical racist practice of redlining in Black communities and communities of color. Discuss the similarities and differences between gentrification and redlining in the context of race and class. Use examples from the documentary. What can we do to protect the disadvantaged minority populations from gentrification? Important notes: * Make sure that you are following ASA guidelines. Below is link to learn more about APA in case you need additional information (there is no need for an “abstract” for this paper). (Links to an external site.) and (Links to an external site.) * Always cite your work to avoid unintentional plagiarism.

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