V-280 Valor vs. SB-1 Defiant – How is Project Management effectiveness affected by multiple projects simultaneously?
The paper must be based on a topic relative to the course subject matter with the focus on investigating a specific research question. This effort should require approximately five to seven pages of written text. The following content structure is recommended: Cover Page (not included in page count) Introduction (approximately 1 page ending with a focused research question statement) Review of Relevant Literature - Literature should be current within five years. (length as needed) Analysis - Critical Thinking (length as needed) Conclusions and Response to the Research Question (approximately 1 page) Reference Page (not included in page count) Some research questions for consideration are: How can a project manager minimize the project life cycle impacts of engineering design changes issued during the execution phase? How do project management ethics influence success or failure of a project? What are the major challenges associated with organizing and managing a project team?

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