Using the legislation or regulation that you selected this week, draft a 500 – 1
Using the legislation or regulation that you selected this week, draft a 500 - 1,000 word scientific background on the issues underlying the proposed legislation/regulation. A scientific background gives a more technical understanding of the biological/chemical/technological processes, mechanisms, and limitations that underlie a particular issue. This should differ from the Issue Background in that it should focus explicitly and clearly on the science -- not the economics or governance. Imagine trying to get a policymaker up to speed who hasn’t had a chemistry class since middle school; that’s the level of clarity and detail needed in this section. You’ll also need to be extremely conscientious about using reliable, trustworthy sources to provide EIGHT (8) external citations to support your background. I recommend using to get started. Your scientific background should outline clearly but succinctly: (1) What type of waste management does this legislation or regulation address? (2) Which domains of science are most relevant to this type of waste management? (3) Within those domains, what is the status of scientific knowledge on this issue? What is known/not yet known? Where are scientists still experimenting? (4) How do the scientific processes, mechanisms, or limitations relate to the options available to address this issue? (5) What are scientific experts saying on the issue and how it should be addressed? How do they believe the science or the issue will change in the future? The legislation I've selected:

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