Use the same scenarios (see attached document) from week two to create your Bloc
Use the same scenarios (see attached document) from week two to create your Block Business Letter for Week four. cf_wk2_email scenarios.pdf  Week 4 Assignment - Block Business Letter Instructions Using the guidelines outlined in Chapter 7, "Delivering Bad-News Messages" in BCOM10th edition (pages 118–137), assume the role of a company manager and write a block business letter that provides bad news to the recipient. When composing your letter, assume that the recipient has previously requested a review of the situation via e-mail, letter, or personal meeting with management. Refer to your textbook for clarity, writing mechanics, professional language, and style guidelines. Requirements Content: Your submission should include the proper introductory elements, including the sender’s address, the date, the recipient’s address, and an appropriate professional greeting or salutation. Make sure you communicate the bad news from the company to the recipient, providing the facts from the scenario using the inductive or deductive approach. Format: Your block business letter should follow the form of the example on page 123 of the textbook. Your letter should be one page, with appropriate and consistent spacing throughout (single space paragraphs and double-space between paragraphs).

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