Use Silverblatt’s keys to analyze a film, television program, or song; TV or pri
Use Silverblatt's keys to analyze a film, television program, or song; TV or print or Internet advertisement. Qualitative primary research (your observations and analysis of your chosen media text based on the keys) is essential to this paper. Avoid first-person comments. Please note that the main purpose of this assignment is to use Silverblatt's keys to media literacy as tools to analyze your selection. To develop your paper, please keep the following in mind: The body of your paper should include a brief description of the content of your selection. Please do NOT write a critical "review" judging the quality of your chosen media example. Focus on the parts of the content that are relevant to your thesis. The body of your paper should apply the various keys to interpreting media messages to thoroughly analyze your selection. Cite the source of the theories (Silverblatt, etc.) that you apply in your paper using in-text citations and a properly formatted Works Cited page. (See Diana Hacker for formatting guidance in MLA style.) Be sure to write an appropriate introductory paragraph. (The last 1-2 sentences should clearly state your THESIS--the central idea of your paper, generally a statement of your stand on a debatable issue. The rest of your paper should specifically provide support for your thesis.) Write a concluding paragraph that summarizes and reiterates how your paper has demonstrated your thesis. Your paper should use specific examples from Silverblatt, our online discussion, and other academic references you find, as well as from your selected media to support your views. Use MLA style for guidance on including internal citations and works cited page. The paper should be 5 pages plus a Works Cited page. No cover pages, please.

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