Unit 2 – Reflective Learning Journal
Reflect on what you learned from the Unit 1 and 2 readings, videos, and discussions. Think deeply about and analyze what you learned to gain insights about implications of the information. Download and use the APA-formatted template for the assignment Write a 2-page, double spaced, descriiption of your learnings answering each of the following questions (Please use APA Level 1 headings within your reflective learning journal so that your instructor can clearly see where you are answering each question. For example, for the first question you might have the heading Learnings from Units 1 and 2): What did you learn from the Unit 1 and 2 readings and videos? How did discussion with your peers during Units 1 and 2 enhance your learning and/or change your thought process? How might you apply your learnings within your current or a future organization? What two or three concepts are still “muddy” for you (concepts you still don’t understand, concepts you need clarified)? Maximize your learning and earned grade by doing the following: Analyze and synthesize information to demonstrate graduate-level critical thinking Identify common themes across multiple readings and videos Compare and contrast readings/videos with topics raised during discussions Connect concepts to prior units (how does Unit 1 content relate to Unit 2 content?) and courses (how does the Unit 1 and 2 information relate to learnings from LSAL 5013 – Foundations of Interdisciplinary Leadership?) Reflect upon how the Unit 1 and 2 concepts apply to your current organization Avoid merely repeating information from readings, videos, and discussions Practice writing scholarly, ensuring that all paragraphs are one topic, sentences within paragraphs flow smoothly, and all sentences are clear, concise, and grammatically correct. Within your writing, refer directly to course readings, videos, and discussions, integrating APA style citations and references for all sources cited. View the assignment rubric prior to submitting your assignment to see how the assignment will be graded and to ensure you meet the highest-level criteria Note: Since the learning journal is about your personal learning, you may use first person.

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