ULOs covered: 1. Explain the main functions of HRM in contemporary workplaces. 2
ULOs covered: 1. Explain the main functions of HRM in contemporary workplaces. 2. Critically analyse key HRM issues and their impact on the employment relationship nationally and internationally. Instructions: The aim of the literature review is to summarise and critically evaluate the literature to establish current knowledge of the assigned topic. There are approximately six issues identified in the text book, under the changing nature of work and workforce. You should identify them in your introduction and then proceed to discuss on any one selected issue. Your literature review should include: Key themes, theories and concepts related to the topic, derived from your review, Areas of agreement and disagreement related to the topic, derived from your review. The literature refers to previous studies conducted on a topic. For this assignment, you should look at primary sources (first-hand report of original studies found in peer-reviewed academic journal articles) related to the topic of the assignment. Your should source at least three journal articles to review. The articles sourced must be from HRM focused journals not older than ten years in approximate (2010-2021). Please note: Textbooks are not counted for literature review. Textbook may be used for citation purposes only. Structure: The literature review will ideally have an introduction, body, and conclusion. Introduction (150 words approximately): Introduce general issues in the contemporary HRM context. Identify key trends or perspectives in terms of the changing nature of work and workforce. Identify the specific focus of the literature review. Body (700 words approximately): Identify and discuss key themes, theory/ies and major concepts in the literature, in relation to the topic. Identify and discuss areas of agreements, disagreements and contentious issues related to the topic. Conclusion (150 words approximately): Summarise major contributions in the literature by referring to the context of the particular focus mentioned in the Introduction. Conclude by summing up and highlight the significance of the topic in relation to the literature. Referencing: Your literature review must have a minimum of 5 (five) peer reviewed and HRM focused academic journal articles (This includes the three journal articles reviewed). In text citations and a reference list must be provided. Reference list is not included in the expected word count. In-text citations are included in the word count. Referencing style: Chicago 17th B.

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