**Purpose: This assignment provides student-colleagues with an opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge of developing a treatment group and understanding of the purpose and dynamics included in developing a treatment group. The end product will be a professional document that will be useful to group work facilitators, and provides all elements to implement the proposed group. **Relevant Course Objectives:This assignment addresses attainment of Course Objectives a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i, j **Descriiption: Student-colleagues will develop a proposal for a specific type of TREATMENT GROUP they anticipate implementing in their field placement or prospective place of employment. The student will demonstrate knowledge of treatment group dynamics for the particular client population of interest, and develop consistent and logical links across the different sections of the proposal. There are Four Parts to this Assignment: I. Treatment Group Proposal Grid II.Example of Contract III. Video IV. Reference List ***PLEASE REFER TO THE "TREATMENT GROUP PROPOSAL INSTRUCTIONS" AND "HOW TO WRITE SMART OBJECTIVES" AND "BLANK ASSIGNMENT GRID (TO INPUT YOUR ANSWERS)" WHICH ARE ATTACHED IN A WORD DOCUMENT BELOW*** ***DO NOT PLAGIARIZE!!***

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