# total 20 required number of concepts(bold/underlined/numbered) used in FRP din
# total 20 required number of concepts(bold/underlined/numbered) used in FRP dinal paper. Just Create a PowerPoint (PPT) slides file that summarizes your FRP Final Paper. The slides should include all the key elements of the FRP Final Paper presented in a concise manner. The contents should also be comprehensible to someone who has not read your full FRP Paper. In addition to citing all of the peer-reviewed academic references used in your FRP Final paper and including a minimum of 50% of the required number of concepts drawn from our course materials (number, underline, and bold them as you did for your FRP Final Paper), your slides should include the following required elements presented in the following order: Title Slide Topic, the names of everyone in your group, our course number and topic, and date Include a link to your video presentation (optional) Abstract (2-5 sentences, optional) Research Topic and Significance/Purpose Thesis Which sociological research question(s) does this thesis answer? These are the research question(s) to you crafted based on your research topic. Analysis The analysis should support your thesis and include your original assertion and supporting evidence. The analysis mirrors the body paragraphs in your FRP Final Paper. This should take up several slides. Conclusion References (1-2 slides should be sufficient) Dear writer: So the total page of PPT is about 8 slides except for the title slide. (which could be longer or shorter, depending on your arrangement)

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