TOPIC: OBESITY IN THE COMMUNITY Complete the paper on your project. You have bee
TOPIC: OBESITY IN THE COMMUNITY Complete the paper on your project. You have been building pieces of this paper all semester, so go back and review your submissions to select pieces that can be used here (and you will not need to cite yourself since this whole project was an exercise in building the pieces of a researched leadership project). Write a ten (minimum) to eleven (maximum) page paper, describing your community experiences during preceptorship. The paper should follow this structure write the heading in your paper: Cover page (not included in total) Abstract (not included in total) Introduction (Incorporate Transformational Leadership Theory Concepts) Background of Community issue Review of Literature Identification of Problem/ Issue Design of intervention, or resolution of the problem Applying the intervention Conclusion and Recommendations for future study (i.e., interesting findings Reference list (not included in total) This paper must cite the five references that were used in the literature review and include an additional three, follow APA format, be submitted on time in the assignment drop box not as an attachment. It must reflect careful consideration of the readings, and your experience, and your opinions, which should be supported by resources in the literature. References must be peer-reviewed, written within the last five years, and cited according to APA style. Please use the grading rubric while drafting your work to ensure that all the assigned points are included clearly.

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