TOPIC: How social media has affected Black Lives Matter **You will be using the
TOPIC: How social media has affected Black Lives Matter **You will be using the annotated bibliography posted from the documents** Description For your final assignment of the course, you will write a research paper on a topic of interest to you within the broad rubric of a “sociology of social media”. This paper will require that you pose an interesting problem or question, appropriate to the course, that will require a combination of library research and your own analytical skills to answer. The purpose of this assignment is multifold. It is intended to help you build your skills in the areas of analytic thinking; critical reading and evaluation of sources; writing and rewriting; library research; and of course development of your knowledge of the complex relationship between media and society. Your paper should employ some of the concepts and theories that we have covered during the semester, but also go substantially beyond them. Your task is not simply to summarize the literature (although this will be a useful step along the way), but connect and synthesize the information that you find into a cohesive and original argument. The paper does not require any primary research on your part. In other words, you are not undertaking a sociological investigation yourself, but are rather taking your research question to the literature in the field, in an attempt to answer it.

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