TOPIC: HEALTHCARE INEQUALITY PLEASE SEE ATTACHMENTS FOR TEMPLATE OF PAPER AND FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS HAYDEN SW 62675summer 2021ONLINE9Evidence-Based Literature Review: Detailed Description and Organizational GuidelineYour evidence-based literature review will evaluatethe best scholarly researchrelated to a specific social problemof your interest. Aminimum of 8peer-reviewed, empirically basedintervention studies must be included in your literature reviewtable. Peer-reviewed means published in a professional journal, such as, Social Work. Empirical means that some type of data was collected and analyzed. Qualitative research is empirical research and you may include qualitative articles. References to popular press (e.g., newspapers, magazines, and websites) may be includedin your writing, but will notcount toward the required 8studies in your literature table. All aspects of the paper should conform to the 7thaddition of the APA manual. The feedback received on Part 1 submission can be used to improve your grade on the final Part 2 submission.Attention to the Intellectual Standards and theElements of Thought (See Critical Thinking Module in Session 4- are critical to understand to successfully complete this project, and will provide the foundation for the assessment of this assignment. The elements of thought most closely related to each section are provided below in italics. IntroductionQuestion at Issue. The introduction includes a discussion of the social problem being studied.Clearly state the problem or issue (in very general terms) for which you are interested in studying. Prevalence rates of the problem, as well as the effects of the problem (on the population ofinterest, significant others, and/or society) if the issue is not addressed should be presented. All statements presented as fact (i.e., Information) must be accurate, and grounded inthe scholarly work of others. Next, you should describe broadly common or evidence-based approaches or interventions to address the problem. Purpose:The introduction should conclude with a purpose statement (i.e., “the purpose of this paper is to review the intervention literature related to....”) and an advanced organizer (final paper-not the draft) in which the major sections of the paper are articulated. Search Strategy and ResultsInformation.The search strategy will include the details of the databases searchedand key terms used, and any other inclusion and/or exclusion criteria that guided your selectionprocess. It is criticalthat the focus of your search (i.e., the purpose of your paper) be narrow enough so it only identifies 8articles. If it identifies more, and you simply choose 8, you will be very limited in what you can say about the evidence. Literature TableYou willdevelop a table of your reviewed articles (example to be provided).

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