To successfully complete this week’s discussion, you will need to: Refer to thes
To successfully complete this week's discussion, you will need to: Refer to these chapters in your Project Management Best Practices: Achieving Global Excellence textbook: Chapter 4, "Project Management Methodologies." Chapter 5, "Integrated Processes."  Review this playlist of related LinkedIn Learning videos: Blending Project Management Methods [total time 1:00:39].  According to Kerzner, “The importance of a good methodology cannot be understated” (1). Please respond to the following in a substantive post (3–4 paragraphs): Analyze the significance of this statement as it relates to integrative information technology solutions within an organization. Provide one example of an integrative information technology solution from your course project to justify your response. Be sure to provide full citations and references, formatted according to Strayer Writing Standards.  For assistance and information, please refer to the Strayer Writing Standards link in the left-hand menu of your course.  Please respond substantively to at least one other post (1–2 paragraphs). Choose to respond to those who have few or no responses.  In your response to your classmate, consider questions such as the following: What is something memorable from your classmate's post that you hadn't considered before and want to remember? What is something you learned from reading your classmate's post that you didn't know before? What is a question you have about your classmate's post for which you would like additional clarification? Reference (1) Harold Kerzner. 2018. "Project Management Methodologies" chapter in Project Management Best Practices: Achieving Global Excellence. CIS498 John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 4th edition textbook available at

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