To successfully complete this assignment, you will write an essay which compares
To successfully complete this assignment, you will write an essay which compares two or more outlooks to identify their priorities and how those relate to the Four Priorities [Reliability, Security, Accessibility, Sustainability] discussed in this course. Identify connections: As you review the outlooks, keep in mind the four key attributes of energy in our society- reliability, accessibility, security, and sustainability. As you explore the outlooks, see if you can find how these attributes are reflected. For example, the World Energy Council states: “Securing flows of clean, reliable, affordable and sustainable energy to everyone, anywhere at any time is the ultimate vision of the World Energy Council.” You may explore how they use their publication to illustrate that point. The two outlooks are: These must be used Successfully completing this assignment: Write an approximately 300-word essay that compares two outlooks and addresses the following points. Remember that for this lesson, we are focused on the general attributes of the outlook and not the specific information. Try to avoid comparing the data. Your essay should address the following questions: What is the purpose and focus of the outlooks you have chosen? Briefly describe the organizations that created the outlook- what is their purpose and focus? Priority area? How do they differ from each other? In general, how are the differences between the preparers reflected in the nature and format of information presented? Recall the exercise from Lesson 1 when you played the role and had to prioritize reliability, accessibility, security, and sustainability. How would these outlooks help you make that decision? In your opinion, when would you feel it appropriate to use one over the other, or does it matter?

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