This week, you will begin by choosing a psychological characteristic on which pe
This week, you will begin by choosing a psychological characteristic on which people differ. A simple, narrow characteristic works best for this assignment. You may want to look ahead to the next two weeks as you will be continuing the project based on your work this week. Conduct a brief literature review of the psychological characteristic you chose, learning more about it and how it has been defined and measured in the past. Then, answer the following questions about your test. You may use the attached template to help organize your paper. Test Topic: What is the name of your test? What is your test designed to measure? Be specific. How do you define the construct being measured? Remember, that to create a test the construct should be defined in ways that can be quantified and measured. What is the purpose of your test? What real-world behavior will it predict? Background: How has your construct been tested in the past? Include a focused review of the literature in this area, discussing information on specific measures. Is there a need for your test? How will your test benefit society? How will your test be better or not better than previous tests? Conceptualization: What is the content of your test? Explain why it is covering this content. Who are the proposed test users? Be specific. In what setting(s) will the test be used? Be specific. Who are the proposed test-takers? What cultural factors might affect test-taker response? Be sure to respond to each question completely and provide your reasoning to demonstrate you understand the material. At the same time, be concise - 2 to 3 pages should be sufficient to address these questions. Be sure to appropriately give credit to your sources (e.g., APA style citations and references).

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