This week we are introduced to a number of important concepts in Canadian Studie
This week we are introduced to a number of important concepts in Canadian Studies! National Identity, the Imagined Community, and National Unity! Complete the assigned readings, lectures, clips, and material. Compose all your answers using a Word Document. To do well in weekly submissions you must provide 90-100 words per answer. You should also cite the text/lecture at least once per answer (MLA/APA). Part 2: The Myth of the CPR Part 2 Questions Complete reading: Francis, Daniel, “Making Tracks: The Myth of the CPR,” National Dreams, 15-28. and watch week 1 lecture, part 2. Answer the following questions. Use citations from the reading to support your arguments. Video Links: ( Is the CPR the defining moment of Canada? Can we truly place an emphasis on the Last Spike ceremony? Can we attach the story of the CPR to the creation of Canada? Or is this idea farfetched today? Can a private corporation, like the CPR, hold national significance? Is this problematic? Do we see this happening with other Canadian corporations today? Discuss the CPR political scandal. Can the CPR still be historically significant despite the embezzlement of taxpayer dollars? Does John A. Macdonald’s status as a Father of Confederation excuse him for the Canadian Pacific Scandal? Western Expansionism was a welcomed by-product of the CPR, do you think the country would not be where it is today without the Tourism and the Immigration program that was introduced by CPR officials in the late 1880s? Short Clip and Question 5 5) Watch the attached heritage minute in this week’s lesson (Nitro). What are some of the issues being discussed? What story does this Heritage minute ignore? i.e. Does the Master-Narrative ignore the story told in this clip? Video Links: ( Bonus Question: Watch the following clip and explain whether you agree or disagree with the messaging provided in this Molson Canadian commercial Video Links: (

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