This was a really interesting film to watch and it really gives a lot of insight
This was a really interesting film to watch and it really gives a lot of insight into the industry of advertising. It really teaches us a lot of how people got their ideas and how they have come up with it. One thing I learned is that even if something seems extremely obvious to do, it doesn't mean that it is bad. Sometimes it is just the perfect thing to do to connect to the audience. Some of the most interesting things heard is how people approach the ads and where they get their creativity from. For example, one woman thinks of advertising as a theater and wants big things to happen in her ads. Another idea was to keep ads fun. Make them have a bit of drama, humorous, or make them like a comedic sitcom. A man had another idea that ads should be selling you something, but it should also be something revolutionary and giving us something to think about, like a message about an issue. One of the best ads I saw in this movie was a presidential one for Johnson. It first shows a little girl in a field counting down from 10 when suddenly we hear a countdown from a man. Once he hits 0, we see a bomb explode. Then, we have a voiceover telling us that the stakes are too high not to vote for Johnson. It is a fantastic ad that is memorable through the first parts with the little girl and the horrific countdown to the bomb, transitioning into selling us the vote for president Johnson. The advice that I learned that could be applied to advertisement is the way you sell things and how you communicate to others is extremely valuable as it can make people like you, while you are at the same time giving them something they feel they can’t resist. Communication is everything and can really help get people interested in your ideas. After watching, I wasn’t too surprised about the ad business. I knew a lot of creativity and hard work went into it, but I was extremely surprised at just how vast it is. For example, there are around 450,000 billboards throughout the US and food businesses spend an approximate 32 billion on advertisements. I think ads will only keep growing as the years go on.

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