This time you are creating a different conservation campaign for the geographic
This time you are creating a different conservation campaign for the geographic region that you did for Milestone 1(Deciduous forest) . In this campaign, you will be informing the public about the impacts of climate change on your geographic region from milestone 1. Also, for this campaign, you must choose a specific audience (ex. General public, parents with a family, business leaders, politicians, scientists, community leaders, etc.). Make sure the language in your campaign and its overall message is appropriate for your audience. You will be applying your lab data, results, class content, and conclusions to help you develop your campaign. In this campaign, you need to address the following: The Buy-In: your art and community connection Create a thought-provoking name for your campaign on your title page and find a climate change picture/art piece to represent the face of it – that will emotionally resonate with your audience The Who Cares: How are natural resources being impacted by climate change? Explain at least three ways climate change is impacting the natural resources of your geographic region from milestone 1. [lab 5] The Data: Summarize key climate change data both globally and for your geographic region. Describe the major impacts from your climate change model data and explain the graphs. [lab 6] Which ones are you most concerned about for your geographic region and why? Which ones are you most concerned about globally and why? The Cause: What are the anthropogenic impacts? Explain what specific human activities in your geographic region contribute the most to climate change [labs 5, 7, 8] The Effect: what are your future predictions? Describe some possible future outcomes to your geographic region if nothing changes The Sustainable Solutions: Final Project ideas With respect to your geographic region, describe five potential sustainable solutions and steps that the community could take to help mitigate climate change (this will begin your thinking process for your final project) Check out these websites for ideas:
Five small steps for a more sustainable 2020
40+ Easy and Simple Steps You Need To Know Today To Live Sustainable Life

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