This report (max 2,000 words (+ or – 10%) will provide a brief assessment of the
This report (max 2,000 words (+ or – 10%) will provide a brief assessment of the current status and future potential of a selected emerging information technology that has the potential to disrupt future ways of doing business and the associated business models. The report must also include a justified recommendation of the technology for future investment by a specific, named business that uses or can use technology within its operations in order to provide goods or services to other businesses or to consumers1 (e.g., Tesco’s, Starbucks, RICOH, Ford, Vodaphone, BBC, GSK, DHL). This report should be easily comprehensible by senior managers without technical knowledge. Your assignment should be up-to-date, well-reasoned, practical and decisive. The sources for your research will typically be drawn from the Internet and relevant academic literature and all sources must be cited and referenced. The basic report will consist of the following items: 1. The selected company: 1.1.A brief discussion of a specific company, the nature of its business and its industry; 1.2.A critical analysis of the business model of the selected company with its current application of information technologies; 2. The selected information technology: 2.1.A justified selection and description of one emerging and potentially disruptive technology that can be of future significance to the selected company; 2.2.A critical analysis of the likely benefit, cost and limitation of the selected technology to the business; 3. Discussion and recommendation: 3.1.A discussion of the potential areas of application in the business, the strategic value of the technology and the corresponding business model evolvement; 3.2.A recommendation justifying the emerging technology that the company should ultimately invest in.

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