This project will require you to compile a “field guide” of a marine selected en
This project will require you to compile a “field guide” of a marine selected environment. You will be required to identify and research any specific oceanic environment of your choosing. Your “Field Guide: must be set up as follows: Cover (1 point) Introduction (3 Points) In this section you’ll describe all of the physical characteristics of your environment. You should include at least 10 of the abiotic (nonliving) factors we discuss in class. This is a very important aspect of your project and should be detailed, 2-3 pages in length and well written. air. water. wind. soil. temperature. sunlight. pH weather humidity water depth Field Guide (5 Points) Each report should identify and describe 10 marine organisms that occupy your selected environment. Your organisms should be selected based on the actual food web that is present in your habitat. They should include: Producers – In most environments sunlight is the driving force behind food chains so there are normally photosynthetic organisms. Deep sea environments are the exception to this “rule of thumb.” That doesn’t mean you can’t select this environment…it just means you’ll have different producers. Consumers – These are the organisms that eat producers and each other. They also include parasites and decomposers. When selecting your organisms please be sure a variety different niches are represented. Each organism should have the following: Image(s) of selected organism (with URL in bibliography) The organism’s common and scientific name Its habitat Its lifestyle (Plankton, Benthon or Nekton) Its trophic level (Producer, Consumer or Decomposer) Any other important information should be addressed Work Cited (1 points) URLs for both images and websites used. I expect multiple resources used…and avoid Wiki. Just because it is on the internet does not mean it is accurate. Remember you may not simply cut and paste your information…all of your work must be in your own words or cited properly using the (Author, Date) format. Helpful Hints Selecting an environment is an important aspect of the project. You must be specific. Select Florida Key’s coral reefs, not coral reefs. If you have organisms from both Florida reefs and The Great Barrier Reef don’t expect credit. If you’ve traveled it can be fun to relive the experience. When selecting organisms, you must be able to identify them correctly to species. “Diatoms” is a group of organisms, not a specific organism. You won’t get credit unless you select a species, identify it and cover all of the required aspects of that organism. If you can’t find all the required information then don’t use it. There’s “plenty of fish in the sea!” I demand proper, college level grammar, paragraphs and spelling. It should be submitted in MS word.

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