This lesson requires you to prepare an “Environmental Autobiography.” We all car
This lesson requires you to prepare an “Environmental Autobiography.” We all carry the images and values of childhood landscapes; those environments we encountered, smelled, listened to, explored, and valued during our younger years. The images of these environments affect us in numerous and sometimes subtle ways. Understanding one’s own environmental history provides insight to one’s current environmental values and ideal landscapes. The memorable landscapes of childhood and youth may directly shape adult values by influencing one’s interpretation of current environments. In this assignment, you are to: (1) Attach an image of one outdoor environment from your childhood or youth that is important to your own value system and/or is associated with fond memories. (2) By using the image, brieflydescribe the environment in both objective (e.g., Where is it? What did you do there?) and subjective (e.g., How did you feel in it?) terms. (3) Integrating ideas from at least four differentclass materials (e.g., reading, video), write an essay depicting important and valued meanings you associate with the environment of your past. The major portion of the essay should be an explanation of your personal environmental meanings that applies conceptual material from class. Self-grade checklist Have I answered the prompt completely, including all three components? Did I include citations about my picture? Did I include at least 4 different course concepts/materials? Did I include proper in-text citations and a reference list? Have I followed the formatting requirements outlined below? Submission Requirements All papers should be double spaced, 12 point font (Times New Roman) with 1-inch margins and include a cover page. There is no required format for the cover page, but you must have one of your choice. The sample cover and reference pages are available here. Download The sample cover and reference pages are available here. The text of the paper should be at least 500 words in length excluding the cover page and reference page. Please submit your assignment as a Word document file (.doc or .docx) or PDF (.pdf).

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