This is the second LA for AS102OC – LA4. As with the first LA this assignment re
This is the second LA for AS102OC – LA4. As with the first LA this assignment requires your group to make a choice between two options; LA4-A or LA4-B. I leave it up to the Group to decide on which option you select.**All assignments must be submitted in .doc or .rtf format so that they can be checked for plagiarism. Failure to do this will result in an automatic grade one point reduction and a zero overall if the submission is not corrected after being informed of the improper format.**Title your file LA4_lastname_student number. For example: LA4(A)or(B)_McDonald_123456789.doc and don’t forget to include the names of all of your group members who worked on the assignment within the submission and the level of involvement for each member (mostly I expect that each member will have contributed equally).LA4-AImagine if you were able to sit down to have a cup of coffee with Edwin Hubble. What would you ask? What would you say? LA4-A involves doing some research on the 20th century astronomer Edwin Hubble in order to write him a letter. The letter should be at least 2000 words.The purpose of the letter is to ensure that the facts about him and his research (and discoveries) are accurate as you have been asked to write a Wikipedia entry about him. Consequently, the letter must contain personal information about Dr. Hubble (a brief life story), the contributions he made to astronomy, their significance and the impact he had on the development of astronomy, and also what question(s) you would ask him. Accomplishing this as a group could be challenging as the letter must not be just a series of individual writings pieced together; rather, must be coherent demonstrating a single writing style. One person (different from previous LAs) should take responsibility as the writer, another for researching the personal history of the astronomer, another for pulling together the scientific contributions, etc. Begin by collaborating on the discussion board, I’m sure you’ll work it out.Dr. Hubble was an academic so don’t forget to include references where needed and a full bibliographyWe are only doing the LA4-A!And my part it1. the contributions he made to astronomy2. what question(s) you would ask himI will send you some online content when you confirm Requirements: 670

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