this is due tomorrow…… must have done by tomorrow…..  dance history class
this is due tomorrow...... must have done by tomorrow.....  dance history class Do the following:  The latter part of the 20th century saw the development of contemporary dance which fused the theatrical dance styles of ballet, modern and jazz dance from earlier in the century. The "lyrical" aspect of this emerging dance style had content filled with emotions and a message or story. Also the element of technical execution combined with performance artistry to create palatable choreography for the audience. Create such a dance through a series of movements phrases relating a message and emotions! Give some specific examples! You may want to find a youtube video to show an example of your dance movement?  so basically you are creating a dance and describing the movements, body position, foot steps and arm movements. follow all directions listed above 1 1/2 paragraph , no cover page, no reference page 

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