THIS IS A RESEARCH AND EVALUATION CLASS AND THE FOCUS OF THIS RESEARCH PAPER IS TEEN PREGNANCY AND ITS EFFECTS ON THEMSELVES AND EVERYONE AROUND THEM. FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT I NEED TO FIRST SUBMIT A DRAFT AND THEN THE FINAL PAPER SO I WILL NEED BOTH A DRAFT FIRST AND THEN A FINAL PAPER. I MIGHT HAVE TO LATER ON ADD MORE INSTRUCTIONS AS THE PROFESSOR CONTINUES TO REVISE BUT I WANTED TO GET STARTED SINCE THE DRAFT IS FIRST DUE BEFORE THE FINAL PAPER. Research Paper Instructions You are invited to submit a research paper that will count for 30% of your final course grade. This assignment gives you an opportunity to demonstrate that you have mastered research methods content from the course. Please remember to follow the guidance in the APA style manual that we have used throughout the semester. In other words, support your decisions with citations and/or a clear rationale. You may use references from other assignments. Acceptable Formats: Google Doc Microsoft Word Document Video presentation YouTube video Or a slide presentation with text AND: video of you OR whiteboard animation If you would like to submit in another format, please get prior permission Paper Content: Introduction Problem statement Research question Overview of the research proposal Literature Review Content from the literature review assignment OR content that addresses literature review guidelines in the APA manual. Methods Design statement e.g., exploratory, explanatory, or descriptive qualitative, quantitative, or mixed methods experimental, quasi experimental, field research, longitudinal, cross sectional, etc. Description of your subjects Sample population Sample frame Sample selection/recruitment Target sample size generalizability to study population Instruments/Measures surveys, interview guide, secondary data, coding frame, etc. Methods to ensure validity and reliability Data collection Ethical considerations Cultural humility considerations Data Analysis discussion of how you will analyze your data Results How will you communicate your results? Study Limitations Conclusions Optional Appendix: You may include optional information in an appendix. For instance, you may add a revision of part two of your literature review in the appendix.

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