This is a project that is a summary of the course (Essentials in Nursing Researc
This is a project that is a summary of the course (Essentials in Nursing Research) and entails evidence-based practice in nursing and how it connects to my clinical practice (Oncology). It is focused on the prevention of CLABSI (central line access bloodstream infections). I would be expecting an outline to guide me through a PowerPoint presentation. Assignment Description: Practice Change Simulation Create a 7-9 minute video that reflects upon the clinical problem that you have identified in your area of nursing practice (as identified in Module 1). Critically appraise the research and summarize the knowledge available on the clinical problem (minimum requirement of 6 scholarly journal articles reviewed and appraised for application to practice problem). Outline a strategic plan for implementation of a practice change in your clinical practice environment based upon your findings. Describe how you intend to operationalize the practice change in your practice environment. What theoretical model will you use and how will you overcome barriers to implementation? What sources of internal evidence will you use in providing data to demonstrate improvement in outcomes? Describe evaluation methods of implementation clearly. Are there any ethical considerations? The presentation should be a simulation of what you would present to your unit staff in an effort to gain buy-in as you initiate the practice change in your area of practice. Use a recording platform of your choice and either upload as an mp4 or share the link directly to the video in the dropbox. ***Please do not record as voice-over PowerPoint because this cannot be saved in mp4 format or a link.*** If you submit your assignment as a PowerPoint with voice over recording you will not receive credit for your assignment (or partial credit as you did not meet the full requirements of the assignment.) If PowerPoint is used for the presentation, include the reference slide; if PowerPoint is not used in the presentation, please submit a list of the references in a Word document utilized to develop the presentation in APA format to the dropbox in a separate submission (be sure to orally cite your sources if no PowerPoint is used to identify the sources) Module 8 Overview This module facilitates demonstrating synthesis of research and evidence-based practice concepts presented in the course. Educational strategies for overcoming barriers and effectively teaching clinical staff evidence-based practice are discussed. Teaching evidence-based practice is defined as a nursing leadership responsibility which requires organizational commitment to providing the resources necessary to support a culture change. There is emphasis upon utilizing shared governance to support the cultural change to support evidence-based practice. Methods of disseminating research and quality outcomes are discussed. Several different communication strategies and tools are presented. Oral/podium, panel, roundtable, poster and small group presentations are discussed as well as podcasts, hospital-based and professional committees, journal clubs and community meetings. Publishing and the ability to influence health policy are also discussed. Module 8 Goals CLO 4: Use information technology to retrieve hierarchical levels of evidence that addresses clinical questions. CLO 5: Utilize effective critical thinking and written communication skills in the critique of research for applicability to nursing practice. CLO 6: Integrate research findings into nursing practice to meet the changing needs of clients and professional nursing. Learning Materials Required Resources: Melnyk, B. M. & Fineout-Overholt, E. (2015). Evidence-based practice in nursing & healthcare: A guide to best practice (3rd ed.). Wolters Kluwer Health. ISBN: 978-1-4511-9094-6 Chapters 16 and 18 Melnyk_PPT_Chapter_16.ppt Melnyk_PPT_Chapter_18.ppt Additional Resources: Module 8 Video

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