This is a financial project which TELUS (Internet Company) is the main company a
This is a financial project which TELUS (Internet Company) is the main company and it is going to compare with two other competitions which are Shaw and BCE. All three are in the same category. Your mission is compare different point according the word excel that I attached. You must answer questions that I send in world file in details. Only use these formula: That I attached The length of each question should be in the way that I mention below. Be careful You can use from formula that I send to u only not online is the main point. Part 1: background: Two pages which include the pie charts as well. Part 2: Financial Analysis 1. Short-Term Solvency 1.1 Current and Quick Ratios: one page 1.2 Inventory, AR, AP Periods: one page 1.3 Cash Cycle :half page 1.4 Cash Cycle: one page 1.5 Cash Position: half of the page 2. Long-Term Debt Policy: 2.1 Ratio: one page 2.2 half of the page 3. Asset Utilization: 3.1 Ratios: one page 3.2: half of the page 4. Profitability: 4.1 Profit Margin: one page 4.2 SG&A: one page 4.3 Tax: one page 5. Return on Investment: 5.1 Ratios: one page 5.2 DuPont Analysis: one page 6. Dividend Policy 6.1 Dividend Payout: one page 6.2: one page 7. Market Ratios: 7.1 Market Ratios: one page 7.2 Growth Ratios: one page Part 3: Managers’ Perspectives & Actions 1. Based on the financial analyses in part 2:two pages 2. 2. Based on the financial analyses in part 2: one page Part 4: Investors’ Perspectives & Actions for the company 1. Creditors’ decision: two pages 2. . Equity Investors’ decision: two pages 25 pages + references

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