This is a 2 part work PART A: Bases in the case study “H&M in fast fashion: cont
This is a 2 part work PART A: Bases in the case study “H&M in fast fashion: continued success?” pp.576-583Exploring Strategy: Text and cases 11thEdition Johnson et al. (2017) 11th edition (pdf attached) Part A of your coursework assessment requires you to answer two questions using a report structure. Both questions are equally weighed and you should review how grading is allocated in the Coursework Feedback Sheet. Questions: 1. Identify H&M’s distinctive resources & capabilities and analyse them using the VRIO framework to determine the organisation’s competitive advantage. 2. Critically evaluate the VRIO framework and discuss which other model or framework could be associated to VRIO to overcome its limitations. PART B: In Part B, we require you to write an essay on the following topic. YOU MUST USE those articles and reference them on part B Emotional intelligence and authentic leadership: a meta-analysis Miao, Chao ; Humphrey, Ronald H ; Qian, Shanshan Leadership & organization development journal, -00-00, Vol.39 (5), p.679-690 Examination of the Effects of Emotional Intelligence and Authentic Leadership on the Employees in the Organizations Adigüzel, Zafer ; Kuloglu, Eda International journal of organizational leadership, 2019-01-01, Vol.8 (1), p.13-30 Essay Topic: Emotional intelligence is an important prerequisite of authentic leadership. Critically discuss this statement with reference to academic literature and practical examples. FULL ESSAY INSTRUCTIONS, ASSIGMENT NOTES, MARKING CRITERIA ATTACHED AND THE ARTICLE FOR PART A ATTACHED. PLEASE USE ONLY UNITED KINGDOM ENGLISH, USE AS MANY BRITISH BASED REFERENCES AS POSSIBLE. USE THE ATTACHED READING LIST

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