This essay will ask you to analyze two political cartoons related to your topic.
This essay will ask you to analyze two political cartoons related to your topic. Your cartoons must take opposing stands from one another. The purpose of this essay is to get a good understanding of how political cartoons help to shape the narrative of a given issue. intro must provide an overview of the topic you chose. In the intro you can provide a brief summary of what the topic is, how it affects, and why it is relevant. You should also provide a brief (unbiased) review of what the two dominant sides of the issue are: what does each side believe and why. The analysis of your political cartoons should include: -the author of the cartoon, the title (if any), and the source where the cartoon was found. Discussion of the primary appeals being used could be helpful. You should also answer the following questions: -What issue is this political cartoon about? How does it contribute to an understanding of the general topic? -What is the cartoonist’s opinion on this issue? How can you tell? -How might the opposing perspective disagree with the cartoon? What would be the opponent’s response? -Who is the intended audience? Is this cartoon persuasive for its intended audience? -How are imagery, symbolism, exaggeration, labeling, analogy, and irony being used in this cartoon? -Are there other specific aspects of the cartoon that you feel are important (color, style, tone)? How and why? conclusion should attempt to assess whether or not you believe the cartoons contribute anything productive to the topic. I’d also like you to reflect on what general value political cartoons have on social, cultural, and political issues of the day. Are they relevant? Do they serve any greater purpose than just mere entertainment? Do they have the power to change people’s minds on issues? If not, then what type of media does change people’s minds on issues? c

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