This discussion is intended to (a) prompt you to narrow down a topic within your
This discussion is intended to (a) prompt you to narrow down a topic within your field of study that you hope to explore this semester and (b) help you find and share some of the sources you'll need for our first assignment. Part 1 Explore your research guide (USE ANY SOURCE) Go to the research guide for your program/major (or one that interests you, if you are undecided on your major). Explore the guide's sections. Tell us what you found in or learned from your research guide. What might you find particularly useful in the future? If the research guide wasn't all that helpful (hopefully it will be!), what other resource did you use (Google Scholar, Google, library search, etc)? Ideally what you find will help you complete the form for our first assignment. Part 2 Choose your topic Share a topic you would like to explore in this course for our semester-long project. Your topic must be something that interests you about your field of study as you will be working with the topic for your upcoming assignments, including the final paper. Looking at the research guide may give you some ideas. In your initial post: share with us the topic or topics you're considering researching this semester in relation to your career/field-of-study. You can either choose the topic first then explore it using the research guide or you can first explore the research guide to see if you get ideas for your topic. An example of how one student selected her topic by looking at the research guide is included here: One way to select a topic.

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