This class is a “Research Methods in the Behavioral Sciences” class. This ties i
This class is a "Research Methods in the Behavioral Sciences" class. This ties in to Anthropology , Psychology, Sociology. Below I have attatched documents that I have written as long as my professor. I have provided the reading that we have done in the class so far which is ( chapters : 1,2,4,14,3,6,5,7,8,9,11,10,12,13,15). The other two documents that I have written are small papers to lead to the research paper. This might help or maybe not. Lastly, the final document is providedby the professor on how he wants it and gives direction on how to write it. All of the instructions on how to do the final paper is in the attatchment below! Please read carefully because he tells one what is considered a page and what is not. This class was so stressful especially when I had someone pass in the family so I have lost all focus. I hope you can bring this paper to life and I am here 100% to help all the way.

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