THIS ASSIGNMENT WILL BE STRICTLY GRADED ON THE FOLLOWING OUTLINE: The final analysis builds on the proposal. In this assignment, you should fully and clearly summarize all utilized resources (the popular press article and two peer-reviewed journal articles). Then you will discuss whether the scholarly research supports or refutes the claims, generalizations, or assumptions about your chosen communication concept in the popular press article. You should make explicit, clear connections between the popular press article and the scholarly articles. The following areas should be specifically discussed: How the peer-reviewed article supports or refutes the popular press article’s claims, generalizations, and/or assumptions Examples from both popular press and scholarly articles to support your analysis. Comparison of basic theories and communication models and identify their strengths and weaknesses Definition of key disciplinary relevant vocabulary and terms Application of disciplinary concepts to everyday life (professional, personal, and/or civic contexts) Description of approaches to the way data are collected, measured, and analyzed to address research questions and hypotheses (this will most likely be discussed in the peer-reviewed articles) Explain how the social sciences (e.g. the field of Communication) have contributed to our understanding of human societies Identification of perspectives on the challenges, concerns, and contributions of diverse and/or marginalized groups in the study of the communication process you chose to research. Length: Your final analysis should include 3 – 5 pages of content. This length DOES NOT include the title page or References page; this means, at a minimum, your final analysis should be at least 5 pages long. Article ANALYSIS: GUIDELINES & REQUIREMENTS For this analysis, you will compare a discussion of a chosen communication concept in the popular press to academic research. In order to do this, you should do the following: Find one article in the “popular press” that discusses your chosen and previously-approved concept that relates to communication. Information about what is considered a popular press article can be found below. Summarize the content of the popular press article. Clearly identify the terms, claims, generalizations, and/or assumptions that are made about communication. Examine two scholarly research (peer reviewed) journal articles that discuss the chosen aspect of communication. Briefly summarize both articles. Include: What were the researchers trying to find out? How did they conduct the study? What were their results? Did they mention any specific applications of their results? Use the information we have reviewed in our discussions of the supplemental readings as a guide. Discuss whether the scholarly research agrees or disagrees with all or parts of the popular press article’s claims, generalizations and/or assumptions. Be specific, comparing details from the popular press to the scholarly research. ATTACHED IN THE FILES ARE THE REQUIRED ARTICLES THAT HAVE TO BE USED TO COMPLETE THIS ASSIGNMENT.

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