This assignment is designed to help you further develop your draft for the 8-pag
This assignment is designed to help you further develop your draft for the 8-page researched argumentative essay. Since it is difficult to compose a whole draft for such a long paper at once, this assignment asks you to produce a part of the paper where you summarize and analyze opposition views and refute them with your ideas. You need at least 600 words (about three double-spaced pages) for now. For now, you need a thesis statement that you will be using in your researched argumentative essay, and at least four paragraphs. You should use at least two sources from your annotated bibliography and one new source in the course of developing your argument. ----------------------------------------------------- The format should look like this: (Your Name) Prof. (Your Professor’s Last Name) English 124 June 30, 2021 (Today’s Date) Title of Your Paper Your Thesis Statement: Place the same or a modified thesis statement that was used in your argument draft earlier Paragraph 1: Summarize and analyze one major oppositional view in this paragraph. Don’t be judgmental. Summarize and analyze as objectively as you can. Cite sources. Paragraph 2: You can use this paragraph either to refute the oppositional point summarized above or to develop a new oppositional view. If you go for refutation, emphasize the strengths and limitations of the opposition argument. Show where it fails. Provide a counterargument that would support your argument. Paragraph 3: New Oppositional Idea Paragraph 4: Refutation of the oppositional idea summarized earlier. Make sure that there are transitions within as well as between paragraphs.

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