This assignment is configured as a quiz, but it’s not. It’s just the format I ca
This assignment is configured as a quiz, but it's not. It's just the format I can use to create this assignment in Canvas. It will not be graded automatically; I have to review each assignment in order to grade it. You can certainly use this worksheet as the foundation for the Paper 2 rough draft. The goal of the assignment is to practice generating a summary and to practice critically analyzing an essay and what it’s arguing; these questions and your answers can help you achieve that goal. After you've completed the quiz, you can copy and paste your text into a word processing document in order to build on it with some revision and reorganization. However, you are not required to use all the writing from the worksheets in your Paper 2. The worksheets are intended to help you brainstorm ideas you can use in your papers. Please compose answers to the following questions/prompts regarding the essay(s) you’ve chosen to focus on for Paper 2. Be sure that your responses are at least 5 sentences long (unless the question requires just one word or date as an answer). username and password- Porkchop#21t

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