Think about a social work issue that you are interested in. Please make this a t
Think about a social work issue that you are interested in. Please make this a topic you wish to investigate for the entire term. All of these assignments build on one another so a consistent topic will make your final paper easier and mostly done by the end of the term. Please do all of these assignments in essay format, Times New Roman, Double Spaced unless otherwise stated. Please make sure that all papers are in APA formatted. Please make note that APA does not allow using "I" statements. However, for these regular weekly assignments, you can use "I" statements. Please make note though for your final paper, you may NOT use "I" statements in that paper. Please remember that you need to do all of the following questions for this assignment. Rubric will be attached and all sources must be scholarly/academic. Also, These are resources which you can use to further explore the topics covered in this module: And PowerPoints of chapter will be attached as well. Textbook must be included as a source Grinnell, Jr., R., Williams, M. & Unrau, Y. (2019). Research Methods for Social Workers: An Introduction (12th ed.). Michigan: Pair Bond Publications. ISBN: 9780981510071. Think about an issue/target population/social problem that you are interested in and discuss it. Make sure to identify it by name. Make sure to clearly share how the skeptical curiosity is there and how it has lead to you wanting to research this topic. Discuss how this topic could be done quantitative and qualitatively. Make sure to discuss the benefits of doing both of these methods. Activity-this does not need to be shown in your work, but you do need to discuss about doing it in the body of your essay. Take a plain sheet of paper out and write your topic in the middle of it. Take about 15 to 20 minutes and write down on that piece of paper everything you can think about that goes with that topic. All of those words or variables that have anything to do with that social issue or topic should be written down. Then, take a couple of those variables and write a research question from it. Make sure to identify which category (Exploratory, Descriptive or Explanatory) it comes from. Please use the chart of these and the examples of research questions that fall into each of these categories to help you develop this research question. Discuss the reasoning behind you choosing the variables that you did to create this research question. Please make note that you can use a lot of variables and create a lot of research questions. I want to encourage you to just chose a couple of variables to develop a really good working research question that we can build on from here on out this term. *Please remember that the way I can determine your understanding and grasp of the material is for you to take what you read and apply it. Reiteration of the text does not demonstrate understanding. Rephrasing of the text does not demonstrate understanding. Think about how you would explain, describe or discuss a topic with someone who does not know much about the subject. Be sure you are demonstrating understanding and gained knowledge, not just the ability to identify, locate and rephrase content from your text or other sources.

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