These prompts require that you have watched the video in this week’s folder, “In
These prompts require that you have watched the video in this week's folder, "Invitation to World Literature - The Bhaga-vad Gita.” :You must also read all of The Bhaga-vad Gita.: BOTH parts (A and B) and answer question number 2. Your post should be about 200 words, two paragraphs, and should contain details and at least one quote or paraphrase from the video, and one from the text.1.A. Which of the experts in the video has been the most interesting to you or the most helpful in understanding and appreciating the Gita? Why? B. Does the Gita justify war? How so? If you do not believe it justifies war and killing, explain why. You must use quotes from the text to support your answer in either case.2.“Dharma” is a key term for understanding the Gita,” says Gavin Flood and Charles Martin in the Introduction to your edition of The Bhagavad Gita. (See p. ix for the initial mention of this in the Introduction.) In your post, demonstrate that you understand the concept of dharma and then find one short passage that shows why it is such an important idea in the Gita. Quote the passage. Explain your passage. Requirements: 200 words, two paragraphs

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