There are a number of social problems that are raised in this course and during
There are a number of social problems that are raised in this course and during this time we have experienced a major worldwide event. The current COVID-19 global pandemic has brought to the forefront the enduring inequalities people face worldwide due to access to resources such as healthcare, income, jobs, or unequal conditions due to race/ethnicity, gender, or social class status. Your final paper is designed to be an applied and engaging way to build upon topics we cover throughout the course, connecting them to current social issues. For your written paper in the course you will be choosing a specific social problem and analyzing the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on this issue. This will require you to find some additional empirical evidence from media sources and to analyze the social problem using the content from course readings and lectures. You will also be finding a local organization that provides solutions to the chosen problem. Last, you will be putting together a virtual “presentation” of your paper and will be posting to canvas. The paper will have specific sections, which are outlined below. Paper Structure and Outline: Paper Guidelines: All information should be found in academic or credible sources (our textbook) and must be correctly cited in text with a references page following ASA formatting. Feel free to use course readings, especially those from the first five weeks of the semester. Your paper should be about 5-7 pages of written text, typed, double-spaced (1-inch margins and 12-point font). Consider your audience to be peers who have a college-level education but have not taken this course. Your paper should include the following sections, which must include labeled headings: 1. Overview of Social Problem: (1 page) A brief overview of the social problem. It is recommended that you choose a specific social problem. For example, you may want to focus on racial inequality, and choose to examine differences across racial groups. More specifically, you could focus on the social problems of unemployment, access to healthcare, or racial profiling. You should begin broadly by explaining the social problem in context and then explain the specific social problem. Here you want to frame the social problem. This should include reference to Leon-Guerrero’s textbook and should consist of your own review of the readings, not just a paraphrase of the author. You should include at least two references to the textbook with correct in-text citations. This could include statistics or concepts. 2. Connection to COVID-19: (1-2 pages) A description of the specific impact that COVID-19 is having on the social problem you have chosen to examine. For example, if you have chosen to focus on a social problem related to race, here you could examine the impact of COVID-19 on Latino/Hispanic and African American workers, who are disproportionately impacted by the pandemic in exposure at work, layoffs, and access to testing and treatment. Again, be as specific as possible in your chosen social problem to keep your paper focused and clear. In this section you need to have a minimum of two sources from media. You should use sources from mainstream media (e.g. Los Angeles Times, New York Times, Washington Post, etc.) and must be published since the beginning of our semester. All media sources can be found online directly from the news website. 3. Sociological Analysis: (2 pages) Using your sociological imagination, explain your chosen social problem and the current COVID-19 pandemic through a sociological lens. 1. Is the social problem a personal trouble or a public issue? 2. Does it threaten social institutions? 3. What are the objective and subjective realities of the social problem? 4. Where is society at in the stages of identifying social problems as outlined by Spector and Kituse (1987)? 5. Which of the four theoretical perspectives (Functionalist, Conflict, Feminist, Interactionist) do you think could best explain, predict, and understand your chosen social problem? Provide detailed explanation of the theory and its application to your social problem. 4. Solutions: (1-2 pages) In this section you should provide clear discussion of solutions to the social problem at both the micro and macro level. What can/should/ or is being done at the individual level and what is being done at the organizational or institutional level? Find one organization locally in Riverside County that is offering solutions to the social problem. This will require research online to find an organization and review its website. Identify an organization that is actively working to raise awareness of the problem and produce social change. What is the mission of the organization? What programs are they offering? What is the implemented change? Who is impacted? How do they measure outcomes? What are reactions to the support or offered solutions in the community? Finally, what are your views on what is being done? What are other possible solutions? 5. Conclusions: (1 page) Brief overview of the main points raised in your report. How does applying the sociological perspective help understand social problems? How does exploring social problems help to further understand the current issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic? Why does it matter? For who? How does sociology help identify solutions to social problems? What are the broader implications for helping us understand human social behavior and response to health crises? Important note: This paper should be a critical analysis of social problems. Although you are providing your observations and views, the paper should be evidence based and supported with concepts and theory from the textbook and information from current news sources and organizational websites. Cite your textbook, especially chapter 1 and chapters that relate to your chosen topic and cite at least two current news sources in your paper.

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