There are 4 short answer questions each worth 25 points should be written as fol
There are 4 short answer questions each worth 25 points should be written as follows: 3-5 paragraphs in length include all concepts related to the question include citing of sources as support include proper spelling/grammar plagiarism free 1. Discuss the elements of a contract and how they are used to determine when a contract is valid. 2. Provide two (2) examples of regulatory agencies that directly impact business operations. Explain their purpose and how their impact on business. 3. Gregory, a comedy writer, entered into a contract with Wessel, a comedian. The contract provided that Gregory would provide Wessel with a 15-minute monologue for his upcoming appearance on Comedy Hour and that Wessel would pay Gregory $250. All performers on Comedy Hour make $500 per appearance. As Gregory knows, the last time Wessel appeared on Comedy Hour he was asked to make special guest appearances at three local comedy clubs using the same monologue. He earned a total of $750 for the three performances. Shortly before Wessel was scheduled to appear on Comedy Hour, Gregory informed him that he was unable to provide the monologue. As a result, Wessel was forced to cancel his appearance. Wessel sued Gregory for breach of contract and requested damages of $1,250. What will result? 4. Smarts and Then Some, Inc. developed a software program after several years of research and development. The particular software program was then test-marketed, at which point a competitor filed suit claiming that the Smarts and Then Some program violated the competitor's copyright on a program they too were test-marketing. What is the test to determine whether a copyright has been violated?

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