There are 2 pieces required 11000 word essay supporting the main subject and a 3
There are 2 pieces required 11000 word essay supporting the main subject and a 3000 word reflective piece.Introduction Within Vestas there is the desire to investigate and develop alternative methods of manufacturing components used in the production of wind turbine blades and turbines. This could include parts of the blade, consumable items used in the production processes and spare parts for the machines and equipment used in the production of blades and turbines.Project Activities This project will identify and discuss the various types of Additive manufacturing materials and processing machines and their suitability and limitations of being used within the wind turbine manufacturing processes. A number of these will be discussed for their ability to produce metal and plastic parts, The potential to be developed into a digital manufacturing system and finally linking multiple production sites to a central database. A recognised testing criteria will be assessed, and a written report produced demonstrating the suitability to be used for measuring the production quality of the manufactured components. The final objective is to deliver a solution for the manufacture of small parts using Additive Manufacturing technology at Vestas sites located globally. A follow up report discussing the potential for the manufacture of larger parts and the recognised limitations of Additive Manufacturing.Learning Outcomes 1) Interrogate technologies and specifications that are outside of my normal working environment and select from these a solution for the manufacturing processes, demonstrating that the theoretical can be developed into a practical solution.2) Critically evaluate the specified manufacturing capabilities of the selected machine(s) against a quality criterion that fulfils the manufacturing requirements of parts and components.3) Design a system and global network that enables the printing of parts and components at number of global locations within the Vestas network, these components being localised in a central database.4) Write a technical report to key stake holders supporting the introduction of additive manufacturing as technology with growth potential within Vestas, including the potential for upscaling to larger parts and the associated risks.

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