The Your turn assignments will consist of “small projects” after each of the cha
The Your turn assignments will consist of "small projects" after each of the chapters. They can be found right after your discussion questions and exercises at the end of each chapter. You are required to complete each of these "small projects" with a total of one (1) FULL page response. Your Turn: This chapter has shown that oftentimes the number of private security personnel outnumber public sector law enforcement personnel in a given area. To investigate if this point is true in your area, compare the number of sworn police officers to the number of contract, proprietary, or hybrid security officers in your hometown (or another area you are familiar with). Answer the following questions: a. In what industries are they located? b. Are they concentrated in a specific area in your chosen city? c. What activities do they perform? d. What is the ratio of security to sworn police?

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