The topic for this paper is recycled electronics and how we can elongate the lif
The topic for this paper is recycled electronics and how we can elongate the lifespan of electronic devices instead of creating many more new ones each year and proposing an efficient way to recycle these electronic products with as little harmful effects on the envirmonment. It needs to site at least 10 sources! These should be scholarly and academic peer reviewed sources. The Rubric is below. Thank you in advance! The paper shouldn't be longer than 5 pages using Times New Roman 12 Size single space. Abstract You summarize the paper here: 2-3 sentences with the Introduction 3-4 sentences your results 1-2 sentences your conclusions Introduction You need to have 3-4 paragraphs here: 1 paragraph a genera frame of your subject. 1 -2 paragraphs the points/problems of your subject 1 paragraph what you will be talking about in the Body of your work Body Here you need to have 5 paragraphs . Each paragraph is going to be describing an aspect of your subject with possible solutions at the end of each paragraph. Conclusions In this section you have 2 paragraphs where you can make the remarks about your work. What is the most exciting thing you found? How is this going to have a positive if any impact? Is there something you want to propose that might be a good thing for researchers to work on? References used (APA Format) Popescu A, Noutsos C, (1999) The effects of pollution to water. Journal of Science 8(3)45-50 Introduction (2-3 slides) Here you describe the overall issue Problems that you identify Body (3-4 ) Where you will present the different aspects of the problem with solutions Discussion -Conclusions (2- 3) Overall how this will impact society if at all? Is there anything else we could do to be more efficient? References

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