The Sublime’s Influence on Ethics – The Role of the Ego Watch this video here:
The Sublime's Influence on Ethics - The Role of the Ego Watch this video here: Sublime (Links to an external site.) and/or read Discuss what the Sublime is according to Burke and how you might think it could shape morals. For example, some methods of rehab for addictions take people into nature to experience the sublime, a disconnect from the modern pace of living, a re-calibration and understanding through introspection that comes from just being in nature for a certain length of time. Another example is when an astronaut goes into outer space or is docked at the International Space Station, and states 'they wish all politicians of every country could see the Earth from that view' (I don't know how many, but I have read several astronauts reference this). These are classic examples of the power of the sublime. Do you have any other examples? If not, then discuss why the Sublime is an important concept according to Burke. A sense of something bigger than ourselves is a common theme all of us experience in life. This discussion is more free form than previous discussions. The astronaut example is a fun a thought experiment... if all the world leaders did experience something so profound, would it shape policy decision or not? Journal Rubric

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