The students will express their free opinion about concepts we have seen in clas
The students will express their free opinion about concepts we have seen in classes, to write, to elaborate, and to express your free imagination in his/her own words; to talk about many economic topics you desire and related to the chapters according to the evaluation per se. Each assignment in the course; will consist for the student to choose at their discretion, important concepts from the Conferences they have seen in the classes. In other words, you must select from a minimum of 6 to 7 at the most important highlighted concepts; and identifying them in an article from any media, and then you may write about at your free will. In your Essay, please use your own words, do not copy-paste without your source citation. The Essay will have the following structure: Page 1: A Cover Page with your Name, Student ID, Day, and the Name giving to your Essay. Page 2, 3, 4: There are a minimum and maximum of 3 content pages in your Essay. Page 5: The Back Page where you mention the information sources you have been chosen, and the acknowledgments. The Essay will also keep the following technical details: 1) The page in a letter form (81⁄2”x11”). 2) Make sure you use acceptable, and conventional recognized secondary information sources on internet. 3) a) Introduce your Essay with an Article’s summary. b) What is the article’s main idea? Explain / Summarize in your own words what is the article writing it is about. c) What it the issue at hand, what is the author’s point of view, how is the author substantiating his opinion on the matter? d) Want to get an “A” then use other sources if desired, to talk about the same topic and expand the author’s article and highlight the key concepts from the first Day Class to the last Day Class of the lesson. e) You can end it by providing your opinion on the matter. Explain the main concepts, even though, do you believe the article is right/wrong and why, is there any right/wrong on this matter? Notice any claims you make must be substantiated by hard information, concepts in the lessons, and data that supports your claim. For each Essay it is recommended but not mandatory, to submit it with the following Form & Style: 4) Your Essay must be typed double space. APA Format One-inch margins all around the page. Font number 12, with words in Times New Roman, Arial, Courier, and Verdana. Or any other standard font type. Every article must have a Cover Page at the beginning; and a References/Sources page at the end. Please visit for further information. Write it all in your own words, expressing yourself opinions about a theme, or topic. In case you copy/paste paragraphs referring other authors words; please quote it, and cite the source from where you got it, in the last page of your Essay. Your grade will be severely penalized if you copy/paste partial or all the work from another author, without cite the source.

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