The rising number of fatalities directly relates to how social media plays a role in creating the worst drug epidemic in all of America.

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In the previous unit, you researched and compiled sources that explored your research question. Now, use that research to write an essay that seeks to answer your research question. You may choose to write your essay as an argument that presents a specific viewpoint or you may write a more informative essay that educates readers about the complex conversation surrounding your topic. In either case, you are synthesizing ideas from your sources with your own original ideas. Consider your target audience and what you hope to accomplish with this essay. For example, you might propose a solution, persuade, bring attention to an important issue, or put forth an original idea about your topic.

You will make claims, use evidence from your sources to support those claims, and explain how they relate to your thesis and/or major point you’re making in each sentence.


Make sure your essay includes the following:

  • A qualified thesis
  • Research from four or more reliable sources
  • A clear organization with transitions to link paragraphs
  • A consideration of counterargument or other perspectives
  • An introduction and conclusion written to appeal to your audience

Depending on what you discovered in the previous unit, you may need to do additional research to help you answer your research question and fulfill your goals for this essay. Again, make sure that your sources are reliable and relevant.

Audience and Purpose:

Your classmates and your teacher are your audience. This essay gives you the opportunity to share your viewpoint about your topic or inform your audience about a topic that you find interesting and important.


Follow MLA format -- paper should be typed, double-spaced, 12-pt Times New Roman font or other similar font, standard 1” or 1.25” margins. You should include in-text citations and a works cited page that cites your sources.

Alex Ripp – Annotated Bibliography


Fentanyl has become a huge problem within our country today, but specifically what has impacted this epidemic and who has it affected? Understanding how and why fentanyl has affected our society negatively is crucial to the health and well-being of all Americans. Let’s dive deeper into figuring out why fentanyl has become the worst epidemic in all of history.


Al-Ravi, A. (2019). The fentanyl crisis & the dark side of social media. Telematics and Informatics, 45, 101280.


This article, written by Ahmed Al-Ravi, informs readers about the devastating impact fentanyl and social media has had on creating the worst opioid crisis in all of America. Al-Ravi discusses the several dangers fentanyl has and continues to have throughout society today. Over the past decade the number of opioid-related deaths due to fentanyl has increased by 426%, threatening the public health and safety all across North America. He discusses how this epidemic is stimulated by using private communication networks encrypted to ensure privacy of opioid selling activities. As long as the “Dark Web” still exists, this ongoing problem will continue to get worse and worse.


My research question is based off how fentanyl has affected our society in America. This article by Ahmed Al-Ravi gives me clear and concise information about how this epidemic is evolving. Incorporating the details from this article into my paper will help me give credibility to my readers. It is also the perfect way to connect the use of social media to the consumption of fentanyl and how we can focus on treatments and recovering communities all across America.


"How The Pandemic Helped Spread Fentanyl Across The US And Drive Opioid Overdose Deaths To A Grim New High". The Conversation, 2022,


Throughout this article, readers get to understand the controversial topics of how COVID-19 has affected opioid-addicted individuals as well as the epidemic as a whole. It goes into detail how border restrictions, due to the pandemic, have resulted in the increase of fentanyl pills. Producing smaller and easier quantities of drugs were much more efficient to smuggle across the border without getting caught. Another factor in the rise of deaths was the fact that users were not able to get in-person treatment, eventually leading to withdrawals. Isolation for a mentally healthy individual was causing depression, stress, and anxiety, so you can only imagine what a mentally unstable individual was experiencing, overall resulting in more fatalities.


This article will provide useful information to include within my research paper. Since my research question is based off how the fentanyl crisis has evolved and become one of the worst, crucial information such as how COVID-19 impacted the epidemic will be very useful. COVID-19 has impacted our world tremendously and this is just one out of the many factors that COVID has affected our population in a negative way. 

Otomotif. “Fentanyl Deaths on the Rise among Teens-Especially Black Teens: News: Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.” OTOMOTIF, 22 Feb. 2022,

According to the study conducted at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, studies show how fentanyl overdoses have tripled specifically in teens among the black population. They noted that users typically do not know the drugs they have been using contain fentanyl. It is also stated how COVID-19 has played a role in bringing out the reality of U. S’s drug problems among different communities. With this said, many of the communities’ health are severely overlooked by the government which happen to create more of a problem for public safety.


Evidence, as stated above, will help further develop my thesis of the affects of fentanyl. This specifically targets the idea of how this deadly drug is hitting different communities in very different ways. Although, the difference between racial communities isn’t the only thing fentanyl has hit differently. Age groups come into factor as well, when researching the affects fentanyl has on the American society and adding these details to my research paper will bring the dangers of this drug to life.

“Fentanyl Deaths Climbing, Dea Washington Continues the Fight.” DEA,

Written by the DEA Washington Division, Public Information Office, the publics unaware knowledge of fentanyl’s effects on our communities is putting everyone at risk. The PIO mentions its easy access to communities through social media and online drug deals and due to its cheap production cost and high potency, it is being mixed and added to almost every purchasable drug. They also mention that due to black communities already having drug related issues, fentanyl has only made it worse. Based on some recent data black residents and communities make up almost 85% of all fatal drug overdoses. Many experts have contributed to making this a well-known problem to help save our communities all across America.


Relating this to the two other articles I have done research on, regarding the effects of fentanyl on social media and different racial communities will contribute to my paper as I am letting the public know how we can help save our communities and make the world a better place. Numbers have surged dramatically, and this epidemic is nothing to take lightly. This drug needs to be stopped before worse actions happen.



From my research, I have found that dangerous affects fentanyl has had on our society. I have chosen sources that directly relate to the opioid crisis and have different views on how fentanyl has affected their areas across America. Specifically, the effects that this deadly drug has had on black communities and different age groups is significant in finding a solution to this ongoing problem and decreasing the surging number of fatalities.


While these sources discussed the common factor of raising fatalities, they also discussed the ongoing role social media has on drug purchases. My paper will not only include the dangers fentanyl has but also the dangers of social media with drugs. It is important to inform my readers of all the dangers and roles played in creating the worst drug epidemic and creating a world that is safe for the public and society.

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