The review must be completed in APA format, using double-spaced, 12 font, 1” mar
The review must be completed in APA format, using double-spaced, 12 font, 1” margins with title page and references. Follow the guidelines below to navigate writing the paper. Begin with the body of the text by determining how best to present the information by theme, trend, or in chronological order of its use. Then, begin to develop the introduction that begins to familiarize the readers to the broader topic at hand. Use efficient transitions between paragraphs to keep the reader interested. Finally, construct the conclusions to summarize all the information provided. Be sure to include what the reader should take away from the information. Be sure to revise mulitple times and have others read your work to provide feedback! Review the APA guidelines in Module 1 if necessary. Rubric Criteria Introduction Topic is clearly articulated. Provides adequate background knowledge regarding broad topic. Topic is presented and some background knowledge is provided. Did not reference the topic. Little or no background knowledge is provided. Body The body of the paper has a clear progression using a thematic, trend or chronological order. Transitions are efficient and knowledge is narrowed to relate to the topic. Body of paper progresses through appropriate transitions, but knowledge is provided in only broad terms. No clear progression or narrowing of the topic. Conclusion Adequate analysis of the information is presented. The information provided clear insight on the topic. Conclusions are strongly supported. Analysis of the information is presented. Some insight and conclusions supported. Little or no analysis of the information. Little or no insight or conclusions supported. Grammar/APA - Few mistakes in APA and writing. Many mistakes in writing and APA.

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