The requirements of this paper include a cover sheet (using the 6 line undergrad
The requirements of this paper include a cover sheet (using the 6 line undergraduate entry), 3-5 numbered pages of text, and a reference page. The research paper requires at least five references. Please attach the assignment in Microsoft Word Format. Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. Provide a minimum of 3 in text citations with an APA Reference List. Topic: Transportation is an essential part of supply chain management and without effective modes of transportation the supply chain is affected. In this modernized world we live in, technology is advancing at an incredible rate and the business world and transportation world must keep up with it to be able to succeed. Technology is making it easier for goods to be delivered faster and more conveniently as well as for people to move around. In recent years, many companies have been looking for automated modes of transportation which would eliminate these trucks from having to stop so that the drivers can get to sleep and eat and everything else. The question I would like to find answers to is what will be the long-term impact of automated modes of transportation and how sustainable is this new way? Also how has the pandemic affected this advancement in technology; has it increased the lead time to bring this out faster or has it pushed things back?

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