The Reflection Essays should be double spaced, roughly 2 pages (minimum of 500 w
The Reflection Essays should be double spaced, roughly 2 pages (minimum of 500 words). The Reflection Essay format should include at least 6 paragraphs: Introduction, 1 paragraph for each of the 3 chapters in the unit, at least 1 paragraph about the videos in the unit, and a general Conclusion. The Reflection Essays are not literature reviews and are not a summary of the information in the chapters. The purpose is for the student to discuss their perspectives on the topics covered – how they have seen those topics in the real-world settings (in their own lives, or the lives of others they know), how those topics could be implemented in practice, what they found to be interesting about the topic, etc. This is an opportunity to show how you can apply what you have learned. For each of the chapters in the unit, choose 1-2 topics or a theme and reflect on it. You do not need to discuss everything covered in that chapter. Be sure to also include a paragraph about something that you found interesting in the video(s) in that unit. In the uploded files are sections of the chapters that need to be disscused seperated by chapter numbers as well as the grading rubric for you to see. Let me know if you want more sections from any of the chapters I'll send more. This is the link to the video for the video paragraph: I will do the citations for the textbook and the video, I put two sources required but you don't have to if you choose to use a sight that from a valid source(not wiki).

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